The Marine Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) was part of a new chapter of the CNN Chile’s tv show #Futuro360, which was dedicated to the oceans.

More than 70% of the planet is covered by oceans. In the case of Chile, this implies that the country has over 6000 kilometers of coastline, where unique biodiversity is present. However, many animal and plant species are in danger.

Chile leads a world ranking in terms of renewable energy, especially thanks to the amount of solar energy produced in the country. The amount of energy from sustainable sources could increase, since it is expected that ocean energy will be available by the next decade. The development of devices that produce energy from tides is gaining momentum and the vast Chilean coast has a great potential for their use.

Check this chapter of #Futuro360, dedicated to the oceans, and the segment where MERIC was present (at 17 min 45 sec) in the following link. Futuro 360