The CEO of the Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) gave a presentation entitled “Future of marine energy in Chile”.

The meeting was organized by CORFO through his program “PTI Energía Inteligente” and the Magallanes Seremi of Energy, in partnership with Inacap Punta Arenas and Alakaluf.

On May 23rd and 24th, the first “International Fair on Marine Energy Technologies” was held at Inacap Punta Arenas in the Magallanes Region. In this opportunity the CEO of MERIC, Luc Martin, presented the presentation entitled “Future of marine energy in Chile”.

The meeting brought together companies and institutions linked to the field, both from Chile and abroad. Other attendees included local authorities, academics, students and experts in sustainable energies. They exhibited their products, works and research in the field of technologies for renewable energy solutions.

In this regard, Luc Martin commented: “The principal scope of the fair was to promote energy sustainability with a social component, highlighting MERIC’s clear intention of bringing together renewable energy and Chilean citizens. Considering this, I sought to transmit MERIC’s experience in marine energy research through my presentation, projecting what the future of this industry in Chile and the world may be like. “


On the occasion, in addition to the exhibition of Luc Martin, several talks were held, among those stood out: “Context Energy: District Energy and Geothermal Energy” from Ruben Muñoz, Head of the Geothermal Unit from the Ministry of Energy; “Sustainability and Climate Change” by María José García and “Current status of the renewable energy industry in Chile” by Dario Morales, Studies Director of ACERA A.G.

In addition to these presentations, various regional, national and international companies related to the field of energy were able to exchange experiences and views on this emerging market.