The Marine Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) implemented an entertaining stand, where families, and specially girls and boys, discovered how interesting and amusing marine energy can be.

The previous weekend, the Marine Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) was part of a new edition of the “Science and Technology Festival”, organized by Explora from South-West CONICYT RM, in The Metropolitan park of Santiago.

In this opportunity the main subject was entitled “The year of: why?”, an instance that MERIC used to ludically demonstrate the importance of encouraging the development of the marine energy in the country. MERIC tried to answer the question “Why should we extract energy from the sea?”, while also highlighting the projects they are working on.

Regarding this experience, Jaqueline Quezada, Operation Manager of MERIC, commented that: “We are happy to share with girls and boys during this instance. They were the protagonists of the event. At the same time we are also glad to have spent time with adults that were interested in renewable energies, and that recognize the importance of boosting marine energy research and use for a sustainable development”.

On his stand, MERIC used games and questions to motivate people to talk about marine energy. These initiatives were guided by an enthusiastic monitor and supported by the researchers and coordinators of the center.

“Participating in this activity is very important for the center. It is an opportunity to show the things we do and the research that is being done. People’s response to the activity was very positive, we were surprised by the enthusiasm and the desire to learn about marine energy. Teaching with simple words is one of the objectives of MERIC, the other being to add value to the research projects by integrating the community”, affirmed Yasna Saravia and Valeria Espinoza, members of the technical coordination team.

From all the thematic spaces implemented by different organizations, one of the main attractions was precisely the stand of MERIC. This space had a high concurrence of kids, families and professors. The activity allowed to awaken the curiosity of the attendees about the potential of Chile in terms of marine energy capabilities.