On October 17 the Marine Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) participated in the activity “Future of the Oceans”, which was organized by the Science Faculty of the Austal University of Chile (UACh by its Spanish acronym) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR by its Spanish acronym). MERIC joined this festival with a stand. Also, a presentation  in charge of Dr. Gonzalo Tampier, MERIC researcher, was given.

The event assembled around 400 people, with an ample participation of academics and school students. Eight expositions took place during the festival, which were accompanied by thematic stands. Some of the most prominent among these were the Abysalia exposition, some projects of the Science Faculty and the Naval Engineering department of UACh, WWF and MERIC stands, a virtual-reality demonstrative stand called “Eco Salmonero Ninja” and Acuiponía.